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Over 22,000 educators, students, parents, academics, representatives from community organisations, unions and members of the public took part in MOE’s 334 OSC sessions. They provided a wide variety of perspectives, and gave voice to the concerns of different stakeholder groups.

The Education ministry has also received much feedback from members of the public who wrote directly to us. The diversity of the participants and their views have contributed to the richness and thoughtfulness of the discussions. To those who have shared your thoughts and suggestions, we thank you.

We began OSC dialogues on a broad topic: what our vision for Singapore in 2030 is, and how Education for our children could be structured to bring about the Singapore we desire in 2030.

Clear clusters of concerns arose, namely the issue of stress and examinations; and social mobility. We homed in on these topics in our public dialogues in April – May 2013.

From June 2013, we have hosted discussions with smaller groups of specialists, educators, students, parents and some participants who have journeyed with us in earlier sessions, to discuss some possible solutions that could address the concerns raised, and the pros and cons of these possible solutions.

The summaries and highlights of all our discussions can be found on the bar on the right.

MOE-OSC Summaries

View this exhibition panel of Our Singapore Conversation on Education that was displayed at the National Day Rally 2013

The rich conversations we had over the year has shown us that not only are there many valuable ideas and views to be harnessed from all our stakeholders, there are also complex trade-offs to be examined too. Ultimately, it may not be possible to, or resolve all trade-offs, but we will take into consideration all these views as we improve our education system as whole.

Some future directions have been announced by the Prime Minister during the National Day Rally. MOE will work through the implementation details together with educators and key stakeholders, some of which will require years of careful work, before any changes are finalised and implemented well.

These changes will yield their desired impact only if we work collaboratively together as a community. We look forward to refreshing our education system to one that will shape a better Singapore for us all!

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Fast Facts
  • 22,202 participants from diverse backgrounds
  • 20 dialogues organised for educators, students, parents, representatives from community organisations, unions and members of the public
  • 334 dialogues held in schools, within MOEHQ and in our institutes of higher learning
Conversation Resources

Here are some resources available on the MOE website, that provide an overview of the current education landscape. We hope that you would find these resources informative.

  1. Education in Singapore
  2. An interactive version of the Singapore Education Landscape

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  1. Primary Education
  2. Secondary Education
  3. Post-secondary Education